Music Review: Steve Gibbons Band’s ‘Down in the Bunker’

Steve Gibbons Band's Down in the Bunker

Though Steve Gibbons‘s first three albums delivered little but promises, this latest entry is another story entirely. His eccentric, witty lyrics on Down in the Bunker touch a lot of bases effectively, and his vocals, which seem a bit reminiscent of middle-period and contemporary Dylan, evidence conviction and adaptability. As for the band, they don’t exactly add up to competition for the Stones or E Streeters, but they do make convincing, versatile rock and roll.

Best cuts: “No Spitting on the Bus,” a rave-up that profits from the work of erstwhile Move bassist Trevor Burton; “Down in the City,” whose storyline will remind you of the Kinks’ “Lola”; and the sardonic “Eddie Vortex,” where Gibbons manages an uncannily good imitation of the late Eddie Cochran.

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