Steve Gibbons Band’s Down in the Bunker Delivers on His Promise

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41CUOXBhj+L-1Though Steve Gibbons’s first three albums delivered little but promises, this latest entry is another story entirely. His eccentric, witty lyrics on Down in the Bunker touch a lot of bases effectively, and his vocals, which seem a bit reminiscent of middle-period and contemporary Dylan, evidence conviction and adaptability. As for the band, they don’t exactly add up to competition for the Stones or E Streeters, but they do make convincing, versatile rock and roll.

Best cuts: “No Spitting on the Bus,” a rave-up that profits from the work of erstwhile Move bassist Trevor Burton; “Down in the City,” whose storyline will remind you of the Kinks’ “Lola”; and the sardonic “Eddie Vortex,” where Gibbons manages an uncannily good imitation of the late Eddie Cochran.

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