Commentary & Misc.


Aviation’s Astonishing Leap*

The Best Purchase I Ever Made

Beyond the iPad*

A Bizjet Traveler’s Diary*

Customer Disservice*

Election 2012: Nonsense in the Air*

Environments on Vinyl: Irv Teibel’s Syntonic Research

11 Indispensable Apps*

A Father’s Diary

A Little Perspective*

Memos from the CEO*

My Private Messages from the Trumps

Offbeat Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous*

Plotting a Path to Riches and Fame? Read This*

Put Away the Shovel—It’s Too Soon to Bury Print*

Revolution in the Air*

Safety First—or Second?*

Showdown at Periodicals Gap: The Suffering of Digested Vegetables (fiction)

Singing the Legalese Blues*

Six Books Worth Packing*

A Tale of Two Marriages

Traveling with a Restricted Diet*

A Trip to Jet Depot*

Two Voicemails I Won’t Delete*

An Uh-Oh Moment*

When Seconds Count (Or Do They?)*

*located on external site; link opens new window

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