‘Dylan on Dylan’ Reviews

Dylan on Dylan

“A major addition to the ever-increasing library about America’s greatest bard. There is never a moment when Dylan is dull or mundane. This book crackles and pops with wisdom for the ages.”

Douglas Brinkley, CNN commentator and author of The Wilderness Warrior, The Great Deluge, and Cronkite

“One of the six best books of 2018. A must-read [that] crackles with a kind of demonic energy…These interviews sing, and…there’s also humility, even sweetness.”

Cass R. Sunstein, Bloomberg

“Assembled chronologically from his first encounters with the press to his most recent, this remarkable compendium allows readers to join Dylan on one of the most compelling creative journeys of our time, one that forever shaped the arc of popular songwriting. His brilliance shines through in these interviews and encounters; so does his wit and love of humor, reverence for songs and songwriting, and, perhaps most surprising, genuine humility.”

Paul Zollo, author of Songwriters on Songwriting

“The Dylan contained in this anthology is the ideal interview subject: insightful, playful, at times self-reflective, and rarely boring…What may come as a surprise is how fresh this volume reads…The author draws smartly from the scores of Dylan interviews to present the full arc of his subject’s career…With his notes and insightful introductions, Burger provides the necessary connective tissue and creates the narrative’s ultimate effect as an autobiographical oral history told in close to real-time. It works, then, as an introductory text covering the iconic moments of an iconic life but also as something more intimate…A valuable contribution to the record of Dylan’s legacy.”

Kirkus ReviewsMarch 1, 2018 Read full review

“Readers can dip into the collection at any page and be royally entertained…a must for all Dylan fans.”

June Sawyers, Booklist (American Library Assn.), April 1, 2018) (starred review)

“As you navigate your way through, Dylan starts to emerge in his own words…There are some great nuggets here.”

—Jacqueline Cutler, NJ Advance Media/Star-Ledger, May 6, 2018 Read full review

“The material stretches back to the singer/songwriter’s early career. Dylan is illusive and mischievous as he talks about life, songwriting, and stardom with such interviewers as Nora Ephron and Nat Hentoff.”

—Ken Schlager, New Jersey Monthly, June 2018

“Dylan on Dylan: Interviews and Encounters…[features] exceptionally literate and astute interviewers. One needs to be a prior Dylan enthusiast to appreciate…how these interviews illustrate his growth and creativity; but those with such a background will find this holds far more depth and insight than the usual approach to Dylan, capturing in the artist’s own words his experiences of changing times and how he documented them for a generation of enlightenment.”

Midwest Book Review, July 2018

“This is a must for any Bob Dylan fan. 560 pages of pure magic, his keen intelligence leaps out at you from the pages.”

—Olympus Athens, GeeksofDoom.com, August 20, 2018 Read full review

“This delightful collection spans Q&As from 1962 to 2016…A nice bonus: outtakes from the Scorsese Dylan documentary No Direction Home.”

—Gillian G. Gaar, Goldmine, October 2018