Music Review: ‘Sam Cooke Interprets Billie Holiday’

Sam Cooke Interprets Billie Holiday

One of these days, everybody’s going to discover Sam Cooke, and then maybe they’ll make a movie about him, too. Meanwhile, those who remember treasures like “You Send Me,” “Another Saturday Night,” and “Cupid” will lap up Sam Cooke Interprets Billie Holiday, a wonderful collection of previously unreleased covers of her classics. If you’re surprised to hear how well Cooke interprets “Blue Moon,” “Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do” and the other standards in this set, try digging further into the singer’s repertoire. You’ll find a stunning “Summertime” and a whole lot of other unexpected delights on his long-available LPs.

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  1. I found this LP (the British pressing, with a different sleeve) at a flea market today, and had to look up what has been written about it. And stumbled across this website, which I definitely will visit in the future. Greetings from Finland!


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