Little Steven’s Big Life: An Interview with Stevie Van Zandt

Little Stevie, backstage in Middletown, NY, with Jeff Burger
With Stevie Van Zandt (photo: Bill Bernstein)

On a recent rainy afternoon, I met up with Stevie Van Zandt to talk about his years with Bruce Springsteen, his role in The Sopranos, his political activism, and more. Click here to read the interview and see video excerpts and outtakes.


  1. […] When I met with Steve Van Zandt (aka Little Steven) in 2019, I asked him whether the brand of rock and soul that he’d created with Southside Johnny was the music that was closest to his heart. He said it was, adding, “I returned to that this past two years, and I’m gonna stick with it.” That’s exactly what he does on Soul Fire Live, a frequently powerful four-CD collection that finds him performing with his versatile 14-member Disciples of Soul group, which includes a four-piece horn section (tenor sax, trombone, and two trumpets). […]


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