Music Review: Left Arm Tan’s ‘Lorene’

Lorene by Left Arm Tan

When you import Left Arm Tan‘s Lorrene into iTunes, the genre shows up as “mainstream rock.” That’s partly misleading, as much of this fourth album sounds rooted less in pure rock than in the sort of rock- and folk-influenced country territory mapped out in earlier decades by the likes of Poco and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Still, there’s no question that this qualifies as mainstream.

The good news is that the Texas-based group features excellent vocalists and displays a fine melodic sense, and its well-produced album is consistently enjoyable. However, it blazes no new trails and includes little to set it apart from the competition in an extremely crowded field. If Left Arm Tan is to stand out, it’s probably going to have to come up with a sound that’s as distinctive as its moniker.

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