Music Review: Colin Linden’s ‘Rich in Love’

Rich In Love - Colin Linden

Colin Linden is no newcomer—his first album came out three decades ago—which makes his relative obscurity all the more difficult to understand. This first studio outing since 2009’s From the Water benefits from his warm, funky vocals, which recall the work of the late, great Jesse Winchester.

Linden shines on guitar, ukulele, and mandolin and garners backing from a fine bassist and drummer and a variety of guests, most notably famed harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite. Best cut: “Delia Come for Me,” which was inspired both by “Delia,” the old country blues, and the 2011 execution in Georgia of a man who may have been innocent. Like everything in this all-originals program, the song has the same timeless feel as the Band’s recordings.

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