Leonard Cohen Book Now Available at Amazon.com

Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen

Though the official publication date is April 1, Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen is now available for purchase at Amazon.com. Depending on your shipping method, orders placed today could arrive as early as Wednesday, March 5. The hardcover book is currently selling for $21.74 (list is $29.95), though Amazon’s prices change frequently.

The book contains more than 50 features spanning nearly half a century—from 1966 to 2012—from the U.S., Canada, England, Spain, Greece, Australia, and Scandinavia. Some of the pieces come from small publications, others from large media such as the New York TimesRolling Stone, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Approximately 25 percent of the material has not previously been printed anywhere. A few of the print pieces have not previously been published in English and some of the material has not previously been available in any format, including the many reflections and reminiscences that contributors supplied specifically for this project. The 624-page book features eight pages of rarely seen photos and a foreword by singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega.

Here are two of the book’s advance reviews:

“A treasure trove for Leonard Cohen fans—the dazzling, wide-ranging collection of interviews that Jeff Burger has unearthed not only offers the songwriter’s story in his own words but reveals that Cohen’s language in conversation can be every bit as magnificent as his lyrics.”—Alan Light, author of The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley & the Unholy Ascent of “Hallelujah”

“That Cohen is brilliant is no revelation, but to witness that brilliance so lovingly expressed over the years is pure joy. That such a mind exists is hard to fathom, yet here’s the proof. He’s as funny as a great humorist, as wise as a scholar, and speaks in parables and poems almost as perfect as his songs. This is a great and rare window into the dedication it takes to be a true artist in modern times. Engrossing, entertaining, and endlessly inspirational.”—Paul Zollo, author of Songwriters on Songwriting

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