Veteran Critic Calls Bruce Springsteen Book a ‘Mini-Revelation’

Springsteen on Springsteen cover

In an extensive review just published in the Aquarian, critic Mike Greenblatt calls Springsteen on Springsteen “more than a pleasant surprise.” The book, he says, “was a mini-revelation.” Concludes Greenblatt, who interviewed the Boss at length in 1978, “You really do feel like you know Bruce after you finish the book.”

Read the full review, then see what others are saying.


  1. Yes, it is absolutely true that Jeff’s new book is a wonderful addition to the multiple books about Bruce; he has a chance to be his own biographer in his own words through the interviews and articles that Jeff was able to compile. Springsteen On Springsteen is the book that Dave Marsh and Bob Hillburn probably wish that they had written about Bruce, but they didn’t think to allow Bruce the chance to do the majority of explaining about his career and music. Kudos to Jeff Burger!
    Paul Haider, Chicago


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