‘American Songwriter’ Praises ‘Springsteen on Springsteen’

In a lengthy review, American Songwriter’s Paul Zollo calls Springsteen on Springsteen “a must for any Springsteen lover as it has so much—not only a wide range of interviews in all media, here and overseas, but a collection of beautiful speeches written and delivered by the Boss over the years. Journalist-author Jeff Burger’s love of the subject comes across in this vast profusion of unexpected material he’s discovered, allowing the reader to view Springsteen from many angles, and over the decades.” Read the full review, which is accompanied by an exclusive excerpt from the book: a 1973 interview that originally appeared in England’s New Musical Express.


  1. Jeff, Outstanding book. For anyone who likes Springsteen, it’s a must read! Has he seen a copy? Best wishes, Cathy


  2. Jeff, your brand new book about Bruce is wonderful! As a Chicagoan, I really appreciate the fact that the book was published by Chicago Review Press, Incorporated; this book company is located merely five blocks away from my home in Chicago, and it is nice to own a book about Bruce in his own words as opposed to the words of Dave Marsh yet again. It is high time for Jeff Burger to become Bruce’s new biographer for the sake of journalistic integrity.


    • Thanks so much for your kind comments. You’ve got a good publisher in your neighborhood—Chicago Review Press has been great to work with—and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Springsteen book.


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