Music Review: Wild Man Fischer’s ‘Wildmania’

Wild Man Fischer's Wildmania

Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and the collected works of Frank Zappa notwithstanding, Wild Man Fischer‘s Wildmania may be the weirdest record I’ve ever heard.

Featuring such originals as “Disco in Frisco” and “My Name Is Larry”—not to mention a version of “Handyman” that makes America 2-Night’s Happy Kine sound sophisticated by comparison, the LP has a whole lot less to do with music than with its maker’s determination to record.

Though the man certainly can’t sing (or play or write), he has managed to turn his lack of talent into an asset by having the audacity to prove it. Fischer is worse than simply bad, in other words, but the boldly stated evidence of his ineptitude is too ridiculous to miss. To find out why, beg, borrow, or steal a copy of his LP. Unless you don’t mind paying for something you won’t be able to listen to more than once, however, do not spend money for it.

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