Music Review: The Mavericks’ ‘It’s Now! It’s Live!’

The Mavericks It's Now! It's Live!

I had high hopes when I stumbled upon this import because the tracklist included some of the Mavericks‘ best songs. I was particularly encouraged to see that the program featured “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down,” a song I’d watched them perform on TV. That performance, which must have run at least 10 minutes, was a tour de force, with great solos by several members of the group. I assumed the reason for this CD’s short tracklist was that “Bottle” and the six other songs appeared in extended concert versions. For the most part, that proved to not be the case: the whole disc clocks in at only about 30 minutes and “Bottle” appears in a relatively prosaic three-minute version. Don’t get me wrong: there’s not a bad track on the album, and Mavericks fans should enjoy every minute. There just aren’t enough of those minutes, and “Bottle” in particular will disappoint anyone who has seen what the Mavericks can do with it.

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