Music Review: The Moody Blues’ ‘Caught Live + 5’

The Moody Blues Caught Live+5

Originally issued as a two-LP set in 1977, Caught Live + 5 joins 14 familiar Moody Blues tunes recorded live at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 1969 to a quintet of previously unreleased studio tracks from 1967 and 1968. The group didn’t like the concert performances, which is why they stayed in the can so long: indeed, the group do flub an occasional line and their mellotron is out of tune throughout. Plus, the sound quality isn’t perfect. Still, these recordings of evergreens like “Nights in White Satin” and “Never Comes the Day” successfully conjure up the magic of the Moodys in their prime; in fact, this is the only live recording of the group from the period aside from one DVD of a Paris show. As for the five studio tracks, they’re all on a par with what appeared on the band’s albums from the period.

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