Music Review: ‘Lionel Richie’

Lionel Richie

When Lionel Richie‘s publicists speak of his “extraordinary success,” they’re not just talking. After composing all the Commodores’ biggest hits, this mainstream pop/soul artist turned to producing—and watched his first effort, Kenny Rogers’s version of the Richie-penned “Lady,” shoot to number one on pop, soul, and country charts. Next, he turned to film music, writing and dueting with Diana Ross on “Endless Love,” which topped pop charts longer than any other song in Motown history. The string of successes should continue with his first solo album, a self-titled package that gives the fans nine doses of what they’ve already bought by the ton: seductive Richie ballads that are short on excitement and innovation but professionally crafted and radio-ready. Pick to click: “My Love.”

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