Music Review: Supertramp’s ‘Paris’

Supertramp's Paris

Supertramp has come a long way since 1971, when its first Paris gig attracted eight people, six of whom came as the promoter’s guests. You’ll find many of the reasons for the group’s success on the well-produced double LP named for that city, which was recorded at an SRO show there late last year.

As the quintet’s record company is quick to point out, the set is not intended as a follow-up to last year’s platinum-plus Breakfast in America (represented here by only three songs) but as a summation of Supertramp’s entire career to date. Featuring such crowd-pleasers as “The Logical Song,” “Crime of the Century,” and “Ain’t Nobody But Me,” it showcases the hooks, upfront clarinet, and idiosyncratic vocals that have helped the outfit to stand above the crowd. Most of these readings don’t quite equal the studio ones, but if you already own many of those, you might well want to hear these, too.

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