Comedy Review: Laughs and Losers Mingle on Chevy Chase’s Debut LP

Chevy Chase LP

Musical parodies of such artists as Randy Newman, the Beatles, Bob Marley, and Barry White dominate the self-titled debut LP from ex-Saturday Night Live luminary Chevy Chase. The set contains fewer hits than misses, and several of the tracks (for example, “Nat’l Anthem” and “Let It Be”) constitute nothing more than dragged-out five-second jokes.

Still, there are a few gems here. “I Shot the Sheriff,” which finds the singer also shooting his elbow and stabbing a guava, offers a funny look at reggae and its attendant culture. While a goof on a goof might seem difficult to pull off, Chase’s answer to Randy Newman’s “Short People” offers one inspired line after another, not to mention a deft vocal imitation.

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