Music Review: Gregg Allman & Cher’s ‘Allman and Woman—Two the Hard Way’

Allman and Woman

Since Cher‘s pop ditties and Gregg Allman‘s brand of Southern rock seem to have about as much in common as Pat Boone and Dr. John, Warner Bros. originally nixed the couple’s decision to commit their love to vinyl a la Leon and Mary Russell. But the label’s brass understandably did a quick turnabout when they heard a few sample cuts; this musical association is one crazy idea that comes off without a hitch. Though Gregg sounds better than he has in a while on Allman and Woman, it’s Cher who will surprise the most people. Superior material and the replacement of her inane former producer have worked wonders. Prime cuts: “Love Me,” “Can You Fool,” “Shadow Dream Song,” and “You Really Got a Hold On Me.”

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