Music Review: Colin Blunstone’s ‘Ennismore’

Colin Blunstone's Ennismore

You may not know Colin Blunstone‘s name, but if you remember the Zombies, you know his voice. Blunstone sang lead with that group on such early classics as “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No,” and later, on “Time of the Season.” Two weeks after that latter single was recorded, however, the Zombies disbanded. And though keyboard man Rod Argent resurfaced with his own band, Blunstone faded into the unimaginable: he went to work in an insurance office.

Recently, he began recording again and this second solo effort is just great. (The first, One Year, did well in England but was largely ignored in the States.) A few tunes, such as “Pay Me Later” and “Andorra,” are uptempo and almost rock; the majority of Ennismore, though, consists of love ballads with lush, baroque-style string arrangements. Not a rotten apple in the bunch.

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