‘Dylan on Dylan’ Named One of 2018’s Six Best Books

Dylan on Dylan cover

In an article published today, Bloomberg columnist Cass R. Sunstein named Dylan on Dylan: Interviews and Encounters to a list of the six best books published in 2018. Sunstein, a widely respected legal scholar who served in the Obama Administration, calls all six books “must reads” and says that “what unites [them] is that nothing is rote or by-the-numbers about them. Each of them crackles with a kind of demonic energy.” Commenting on the Dylan volume, Sunstein says: “These interviews sing, and they offer plenty of American music. . . . There’s also humility, even sweetness.”


  1. Not surprised by this high praise and Year’s Best ranking. Everything Jeff publishes comes from his love of music and his ability to capture the best of his distinguished subjects.


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